Almost all age groups respond well to Pykure Capsules, ointment within four weeks -Atuchukwu

Piles are swollen blood vessels in the rectal area. They may occur inside ones body, in the anal canal or sometimes, be felt outside the anus. The ailment comprises of bleeding piles, fissures, rectal swelling, prolapse of rectum, perianal abscess and fistula in Ano. Rectal ailments (piles), have become very common nowadays, as people are generally constipated. It has been observed that  pile is a distressing condition which causes itching and discomfort around the anal area and if left unattended, can become severe, involving pains, bleeding, pus formation, leading to great misery. 

Experts say that one may feel an uncomfortable ‘weight’ around his anus, or experience discomfort or pain when passing motions due to piles. One may also find blood or pus in his stool or underwear after going to toilet.

Chief Executive Officer of AKO Group of Companies Limited, Mr Obiora Atuchukwu said, if one is prolapsed, he may be able to feel small pieces of flesh coming out of the anus during washing, after going to toilet.

He said rectal ailments have become very common nowadays because people are generally constipated, as a result of wrong habits and faulty life- style, with little or no exercise at all. “It is obvious that since the invention of Computers and televisions, people spend long time sitting, without exercise. This therefore results in less blood circulations in the anal area, resulting in piles.”

Atuchukwu explained that though piles are more common from age of 50 years and above, and that almost all age groups respond well to Pykure herbal capsules and Pykure ointment duly formulated by a renowned Indian Aurvedia company to tackle the ailment India, within span of 4 weeks.

He also stated that Ako Group of Companies, the sole marketer of Pykure products in Africa came up with Pykure herbal capsules and Pykure ointment, medicines, which are the combination of various herbs, mainly collected from the Himalayan range of mountains in India to fight all stages of piles. “Pykure medicines have shown miraculous results in giving relief to those suffering from all types of ano rectal disorders, especially piles since they entered the African markets few years ago.”

According to him, Pykure Capsule is safe for oral concumption, while the Ointment is for external application. “Both are very effective and have no side- effects. The manufacturer certified that the two medicines do not contain steroids, alcohol, narcotics and heavy metals. Above all, they are patient -friendly and do not affect the day to day routine of patients.”

Atuchukwu further said that Pykure products have saved patients from agony of going through surgery, hospitalization, physical, mental and financial strain.

He explained that the main cause of piles is no other thing than constipation that makes someone to apply much pressure while passing stool, which causes damages to the anal wall, thereby causing piles. “Piles are more common in women during pregnancy and after child birth. Moreover, there are evidences that piles run in families.

The AKO Group CEO further stated that there was no solution to the piles, except surgery. But with the newly introduced Pykure herbal Capsules and Ointment, piles now have a total solution. “The two products can be used simultaneously for quicker action. Piles treatment with our Pykure products will start giving relief to the sufferer within a month or so. But the patient may have to repeat the course, in case of prolapse of rectum, fissures and fistula up to six months or more. And, the recommended dose is two capsules to be taken two times daily, i e an hour before breakfast and dinner.

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