Pykure, complete remedy for all kinds of piles – Atuchukwu

Pykure herbal Capsules and Pykure herbal ointment are products of Indian origin, which are effective remedy for all stages of anal rectal disorders like piles, fistula and fissure that have caused the lives of many worldwide. The products formulated under thorough and complete research, have been serving as the last hope of every sufferer of the above ailments globally. The secret of their effectiveness is that they are absolutely made with about 15 natural herbs.

Chief Executive Officer of AKO Group of Companies Limited, sole marketers of the products in Africa, Mr Obiora Atuchukwu, informed that both medicines are produced with herbs from the India, China, Egypt and Africa, the world’s known herbal medicine experts and other places to fight piles and other rectal disorders.

He explained that because anal rectal disorders like piles could have dangerous effects that cause distressing conditions like itching, pains, bleeding, pus formation, misery and death, if left unattended. He said that there was need for Pykure capsules and its ointment to be used by almost every age group. “The medicines start working from the root till they relieve the sufferer within four weeks, if taken according the prescribed dosage.”

Atuchukwu also revealed that the main secret of the products is that they utilize the body’s natural healing process for the treatment of piles, and that the ingredients used are those that are regularly produced in the body. “Pykure herbal capsule and Pykure ointment are effective due to their natural qualities and compositions. Moreover, they do not have side effects as long as they are taken and used according to the specifications.”

Atuchukwu expressed displeasure that Africans have deviated totally from eating natural foods that have the qualities to fight most of the health challenges. “Instead of depending on our natural products, we adopted foreign dietary culture and lifestyles.”

He hinted that his organization had received lots of testimonies from pile victims on the effectiveness of Pykure capsules and ointment, advised victims to continue with the products and be patient enough to take between 200-300 capsules of Pykure, before it could eliminate piles completely.

Atuchukwu further stated that Pykure is not only good, but cost-effective and accessible. “Pykure products have saved patients from agony of going through surgery, hospitalization, physical, mental and financial stress. The capsule is safe for oral consumption, while the ointment is for external application. The manufacturers certified that the two medicines do not contain steroids, alcohol, narcotics and heavy metals.”

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